Places to visit in the uk

1. Cornwall 

Sitting at the top of the list is Cornwall, one of the most beautiful places in the country, rural and coastal settings a plenty and a friendly atmosphere. Cornwall forms a peninsula with wild moorlands and many sandy beaches. The south coast of Cornwall is dubbed the Cornish riviera due to the climate and picturesque landscapes. Cornwall has a host of picturesque villages and seaside resorts

2. Standish 

A small yet humble town in the borough of Wigan has made it onto our list due to the small population, low pollution and lack of traffic jams. The village has a population of less than 14,000 people making it a perfect place to settle.

3.The Lake District 

One of the most beautiful places in the UK, it was always going to make it onto the list. A favourite for nationals and tourists the lake district is a region of Cumbria in the northwest of England. With a low pollution level and beautiful market towns such as Keswick, Kendal, Ambleside and Derwentwater. The lake district is a wonderful place to visit and live.

4. Wales

Wales made it on to the list due to the low levels of pollution and traffic free roads (mostly). Wales is a well known part of southwest Great Britain. With rugged coastlines and famous mountains located there. The celtic culture and welsh language is a draw for tourism.

5. Scottish Highlands

Home to famous loch Ness and many other famous attractions  the Scottish Highland is a wonderful place to move to and relax, benefit from rural locations and lower house prices you can pick up a lot of real estate for a lower cost.

As you can tell the most relaxing places to live in the UK appear to be more rural locations, this goes to show that city life really does have an impact on our health and ability to de-stress. Not everyone will be able to move to the locations or may not even want to but a short visit to a rural location is proven to reduce stress and help relax. If you live in a busy area it can be a great way to relax with a rural weekend away.

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Visiting Stonehenge for the First Time

When we studied ancient civilizations in school, it was usually about Egypt, Greece and Rome. To us, the history of early England went only as far back as King Arthur in the Ninth Century A.D. We knew little of an ancient English monument at Stonehenge that was built 5,000 years ago.
I’m a travel writer and editor and have two travel websites with my father, travel4people.com and travel4seniors.com and had always wanted to visit this special place.

When we booked a tour in England last year, we were excited to learn it included a visit to ancient Stonehenge. Our bus went from London through the English countryside on the 85-mile drive to the Wiltshire area. As we approached the car park, we could see the main Stonehenge structure across the roadway. It was a wide circle of huge flat rocks, some topped with other big rocks.

We entered the Stonehenge monument area through a tunnel under the road, and as we approached, the massive structures became even more impressive. The stones stood more than 20 feet high, and we were told by our guide that each weighed from 25 to 30 tons.

Of course, everyone had the same questions. How could primitive people haul those enormous rocks to the Stonehenge field? Even more amazing, without any modern machinery, how could they lift them straight up, then raise the other rocks to the top? Was it some sort of temple?

The guide said no written records exist of how and why the structure was built. However, he did explain that one purpose of Stonehenge was as an ancient astrological observatory. He pointed to one of the largest slabs, and said if we stood in an exact spot within the circle on June 21, the longest day of each year, we’d see the sun rise directly in line with the stone.

As for how the big slabs were brought to the Stonehenge location, the guide said the most likely scenario was that they were found near the coast of Wales. They were then dragged to the shore, loaded onto rafts and floated the 250 miles along the Avon River in England’s Bristol area. There are still traces of the logs and tracks where the rafts were pulled along to their present site.

We could only imagine the days of heavy labor it took for hundreds of people to pull each stone, and then stand them up to complete the monument. There were more questions that could only be answered with guesses. Were those workers there of their own free will, or were they slaves as those who hauled stones for the Pyramids in Egypt?

Our visit to Stonehenge was a memorable one, and we came away with new respect for the creativity of England’s long-ago ancestors.

Eating Your Way Through London

Things to Eat While in the UK Capital

You might not think of London as being on the culinary wild side, but there are quite a few regional specialties to tantalize your taste buds while you are there.
If you are visiting London, you should start out your day with a proper British breakfast, which is hearty and not quite like anything eaten anywhere else. Americans will find the sausage, eggs and bacon familiar, but the bacon is actually different from the type eaten in the U.S. It is leaner, not like the “streaky bacon” that is common in the U.S.

The hallmark of a London breakfast is beans, along with some mushrooms or maybe a grilled tomato. It’s a very hearty breakfast compared to what is eaten in continental Europe.

Fish and chips is another London specialty.

There are a lot of good chip shops around town. One of my personal favorites is a shop called “Traditional Plaice” that serves delicious fried haddock, cod and plaice, along with generous servings of French fries (chips). Make sure to get them with a side serving of mushy peas!

One of my favorite British specialties is “toad in the hole,” which you can also get in restaurants in London. Even better, though, is if you have a British friend who can make you the homemade variety! Toad in the hole is a savory dish of sausage baked in a puffy pastry. It’s usually served with vegetables along with loads of delicious gravy.

For those looking for more spicy, ethnic food, you can also get quite good Indian food in London, due to Indian being a former British colony and a lot of Indian people subsequently moving to the UK. After living in Belgium for the year (where they are much less fond of spicy food), I was excited to eat the most amazing curry from street stands in London.

And when in London, don’t forget afternoon tea! This specialty of the Brits is something to experience. Try out some clotted cream, cakes, tiny cucumber sandwiches, along with Earl Grey tea, of course, at any number of the restaurants offering afternoon tea.

As for drinks, pubs are popular, and alcohol is a big part of social life in London – but watch out! The new law says that bars are supposed to card for anyone who looks like they are under 25…very different from the lax drinking laws on the continent. So bring your card.

Five Cool Things About Living in England

England is a wonderful country, rich in history and tradition. It has incredible architecture, a love of the arts, a dazzling love of soccer, and an even more incredible love for the queen. If you’ve been contemplating a move to this lovely country, or if you just want to know what makes it such a great place to live, here are five awesome things about England.

Inexpensive Day Trips Every Weekend

Since so much of England’s traditional architecture has been preserved, you’ll have plenty of sight-seeing to do on your weekends. Every village and city has a unique history and story to tell. So if you want to spend a spring day wandering around a market in a little town, you’ll have plenty to do. Likewise, if you want to spend your day in a larger city like Cambridge, you’ll have plenty of events to attend. You can even pay a yearly fee to be a member of the National Trust and spend your weekends going on trips around Europe and since you’re a member, you won’t have to pay admission for most of them!

The Food

While many Americans who travel through England think the food is horrible, I’d have to disagree. Sure, you might not like English food, but there are lots of other types of food available in England and since there are tons of immigrants living in the country, there’s lots of traditional cultural food. In my opinion, the Indian food, specifically the curry (a favorite of many English people) is far better than most curries you’ll find in the U.S. You’ll also find amazing Mediterranean, Chinese, and many other types of food.

The Plays

In America, a good play is few and far between with small theater productions making up the bulk of what’s available. But in England, theater is a big deal. English people love heading out for a good play or pantomime. Maybe it’s the acting, the accents, the choice of story, or perhaps it’s the old theaters these plays are held in, but nothing beats watching a play in England. If you really want to amp up your play experience, take a trip to London. They’ve had plays starring famous actors and actresses such as Julia Stiles and David Hasselhoff.

The Size of England Itself

Because England is so small, you can travel pretty much everywhere rather easily. Want to go to the beach? Make it a day trip! Want to spend some time in London? It’s probably not that far! Everything is in close proximity. Even within towns, many people still walk, so instead of having spread out suburbs like in the U.S. you can typically park and walk to almost any point in a town, and if the city is too big enough, take the bus.

The Rest of Europe Is Close-By

One amazing thing about Europe is the fact that so many other countries are close by! You can simply hop in your vehicle, drive through the Channel Tunnel and end up in France. If you don’t want to drive, take a ferry and rent a car when you get there. Travel around Europe is incredibly easy and each country has its own unique culture and flair.

Best Hotels Near Downtown Bristol, England

These City Center Hotels Offer Superb Accommodation

Many visitors to Bristol in southwest England want to stay in a downtown hotel. With so much to see and do in Bristol, one of England’s most fascinating cities, staying in a city center hotel makes their stay just that bit more convenient. Luckily, Bristol has a number of excellent downtown hotels, from where you can easily enjoy theater at the Bristol Old Vic, have lunch at the Llandoger Trow or visit Bristol Zoo.

Hotel du Vin

Recommended by TV personality Piers Morgan himself, the Hotel du Vin is a stunning quintessentially British hotel located in downtown Bristol, close to the University of Bristol and Castle Park.

At Hotel du Vin, you’ll find a state-of-the-art hotel that’s been created from a group of 17th century sugar warehouses. The hotel has 40 extremely large bedrooms, all of which come with massive bathrooms, there are several lofts, a gorgeous bistro and a bar.

Every guest room features Egyptian linens, flat screen TVs, DVD players, en suite bathrooms and some of the largest showers you’ve ever seen.

The Hotel du Vin’s bistro is also famous in the city, as it serves superb food in one of the most elegant atmosphere’s in Bristol, but at prices that are quite inexpensive for the high-quality.

You’ll find Hotel du Vin at The Sugar House | Narrow Lewins Mead , Bristol BS1 2NU.

Clifton House – Just a few minutes walk from the main downtown shopping center, at Clifton House you’re close to trendy restaurants, cafes and boutiques as well as Clifton Village, Bristol University and the Hippodrome.

At Clifton House, there are single, double, triple and family rooms to choose from. Each guest room features en suite bathroom, flat screen TV, supremely comfortable beds, tea and coffee making tray and free Wi-Fi internet.

The room rate includes breakfast served in the hotel’s lovely breakfast room and free parking, if you drive there. The staff at Clifton House too is lovely.

Clifton House is located in a gorgeous Victorian house at 4 Tyndall’s Park Road, Clifton,Bristol,BS8 1PG

Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel – The Mercure Brigstow Hotel is a 4-star hotel located close to the Welsh Back waterfront in downtown Bristol, and near city center shopping and entertainment areas.

At the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel, you’ll find 116 guest rooms gorgeously designed in a luxurious contemporary style and all with en suite bath, satellite TV, mini bar, in-room safe, hairdryer, internet and beverage making facilities. Some rooms also have nice views over the water front.

The hotel’s Ellipse restaurant and bar is popular in Bristol for its views out over the river and superb local food. Hotel staff is efficient and friendly and, if you’re in Bristol on business, you’ll be delighted with the service you receive at the hotel’s meeting facility.