Five Cool Things About Living in England

England is a wonderful country, rich in history and tradition. It has incredible architecture, a love of the arts, a dazzling love of soccer, and an even more incredible love for the queen. If you’ve been contemplating a move to this lovely country, or if you just want to know what makes it such a great place to live, here are five awesome things about England.

Inexpensive Day Trips Every Weekend

Since so much of England’s traditional architecture has been preserved, you’ll have plenty of sight-seeing to do on your weekends. Every village and city has a unique history and story to tell. So if you want to spend a spring day wandering around a market in a little town, you’ll have plenty to do. Likewise, if you want to spend your day in a larger city like Cambridge, you’ll have plenty of events to attend. You can even pay a yearly fee to be a member of the National Trust and spend your weekends going on trips around Europe and since you’re a member, you won’t have to pay admission for most of them!

The Food

While many Americans who travel through England think the food is horrible, I’d have to disagree. Sure, you might not like English food, but there are lots of other types of food available in England and since there are tons of immigrants living in the country, there’s lots of traditional cultural food. In my opinion, the Indian food, specifically the curry (a favorite of many English people) is far better than most curries you’ll find in the U.S. You’ll also find amazing Mediterranean, Chinese, and many other types of food.

The Plays

In America, a good play is few and far between with small theater productions making up the bulk of what’s available. But in England, theater is a big deal. English people love heading out for a good play or pantomime. Maybe it’s the acting, the accents, the choice of story, or perhaps it’s the old theaters these plays are held in, but nothing beats watching a play in England. If you really want to amp up your play experience, take a trip to London. They’ve had plays starring famous actors and actresses such as Julia Stiles and David Hasselhoff.

The Size of England Itself

Because England is so small, you can travel pretty much everywhere rather easily. Want to go to the beach? Make it a day trip! Want to spend some time in London? It’s probably not that far! Everything is in close proximity. Even within towns, many people still walk, so instead of having spread out suburbs like in the U.S. you can typically park and walk to almost any point in a town, and if the city is too big enough, take the bus.

The Rest of Europe Is Close-By

One amazing thing about Europe is the fact that so many other countries are close by! You can simply hop in your vehicle, drive through the Channel Tunnel and end up in France. If you don’t want to drive, take a ferry and rent a car when you get there. Travel around Europe is incredibly easy and each country has its own unique culture and flair.