3M FFP3 4279+ Maintenance-Free FFABEK1P3 Half-Face Respirator Mask



3M FFP3 4279+ Maintenance-Free FFABEK1P3 Half-Face Respirator Mask DescriptionOffering fantastic working comfort, the 3M 4279+ half-face respirator mask features an enhanced low-resistance valve and a lightweight, well-balanced design to make it easy to wear. Its also ready to use and maintenance-free, and like other respirators from the 3M 4000 Series, it incorporates a central position for the exhalation valve to help reduce build-up of heat and moisture to keep you cool, calm and collected.Reusable half-face mask with inbuilt gas and particulate filters

Enhanced valve to offer lower breathing resistance and improved comfort

Soft, textured face seal is non-allergenic and silicone-free

Lightweight and well-balanced

Centrally positioned exhalation valve helps reduce heat and moisture build-up

Integrated filters are maintenance-free

Adjustable and easy-to-use head straps fit a range of head sizes

Designed to avoid impacting peripheral vision

Dolomite-tested to resist clogging for longer

Protects against organic vapours with a boiling point greater than 65C, inorganic and acid gases, and ammonia up to 10 x Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) or 1000 ppm (whichever is lower), and

20 x WEL for particulates

Supplied with resealable bag for hygienic storage and transportationEN 405:2001 FFABEK1P3 R D

Assigned protection factor (APF): 20 for particulates, 10 for gases and vapoursProduct Code: MCE048

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