Moldex 7432 – Pre-assembled 7000 Series ABEK1P3 R Half Mask



Summary7000 series Mask Boday (TPE) medium Size2 x ABEK1P3 R filterMoldex 7432 – Pre-assembled 7000 Series ABEK1P3 R Half Mask DescriptionMoldex 7432 – Moldex 7000 Series Medium Size half-face mask respirator complete with ABEK1P3 R filters 
The Moldex 7432 Half Mask is designed to be very lightweight and is manufactured in hypoallergenic materials. These qualities make the mask comfortable for the user and allergy-friendly for people who suffer from material allergies.
The pre-assembled mask comes with complete ABEK 1 filters which is easy for frequent maintenance. Moldex 7432 meets the criteria of EN 140:1998 and manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility so that confirms the high standard and quality of production.
All components of the half mask are easy to dismantle and take care in each individual part. The Moldex 7432 has a low profile design which does not interfere with the users field of vision.
All Moldex products and packaging are completely PCV Free.
Package Include:

7000 series Mask Boday (TPE) medium Size
2 x ABEK1P3 R filter
Storage Case


Colour: Blue, Grey

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