New DT-156 Digital Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Meter Tester 0-1250um



New DT-156 Digital Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Meter Tester 0-1250um DescriptionDescription :

Digital Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Meter Tester 0~1250um DT-156


This compact & handy professional gauge is designed for non-destructive, fast and highly accurate/precise coating thickness measurement.

The principal aplications lie in the field of corrosion protection. Ideal for manufacturer, offices & specialist advisers, paint shops & electroplaters, chemical, automobile, shipbuilding and aircraft industries including light & heavy engineering.

DT-156 gauge are suitable for laboratory, workshop & outdoor use.

It works either on magnetic induction principle and on eddy current principle, depends on probe used. DT-156 uses only 1 probe for both ferrous & non-ferrous metal substrates. Probe can be selected manually or automatically.

Stores 400 memory values and display 5 statistics ( AVG, MAX, MIN, S.DEV and Number of reading in work mode).

It comes with software CD and USB cable for transferring collected data to computer for later analysis or data printing.

Features :  

Easy MENU operation system

Non-magnetic coatings (e.g. paint, zinc) on steel

Insulating coatings (e.g. paint, anodizing coatings) on no-ferrous metals

No-ferrous metals coatings on insulating substrates

Blue backlight display.

One-point calibrating and two-point calibrating independently for each working mode.

Zero calibration.

400 Memory readings. (80 DIRECT and 320 GROUP readingS)

High alarm and Error indication.

V-Groove on probe for small cylindrical parts.

Disable Auto-Power-Off function via MENU setting.

USB interface for PC software. (Compatible with windows 98/2000/xp/Vista/Win7)

Built with highest quality electronics.


Two measuring mode :


Two Operating/working mode :

Direct mode : recommended for simple, quick & occasional measurements. Though cant be saved but hold up to 80 current readings + 5 statistics values

GROUP mode : permits measurement & storage of readings in a memory. 4 memory groups, 80 saved readings for each group

Delete functions :

delete current data or last reading

delete all data and statistics of current work mode

delete group data including high & low alarm set value and 1 & 2 point calibrations

Conforms with the following industrial standards :

GB/T 4956-1985 / GB/T 4957-1985 / JB/T 8393-1996 / JJG 889-95 / JJG 818-9

Specifications :Sensor ProbeFNo FeWorking PrincipleMagnetic inductionEddy current principleMeasuring Range


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