Philips EcoPro61 LED Slim, Rechargeable Work Light RC620X1



Philips EcoPro61 LED Slim, Rechargeable Work Light RC620X1 DescriptionPhilips EcoPro61 SLIM worklight This foldable PhilipsLED work lamp is very functional and user-friendly. The high-quality LED light can be used in three different light modes. The battery life is up to 20 hours, so you can work uninterrupted all day long. This work light is also easy to fold back after the job is done Specifications: Colour: black Material: plastic Type of lighting: led Light fidelity: three modes (500, 250, 50 lumens) Battery life: up to 20 hours Features: – foldable – 360 degree hook + strong magnet – suspension hook and strong magnet to work without hands – ultra-slim and 270 degree rotatable design to illuminate narrow spaces – rechargeable work lamp – shockproof Delivery content Including USB power adapter Micro USB charging cable
Product Tags Led, Rechargeable

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