Thermal Car Wash Gloves Waterproof Grip Insulated



SummaryThermal Insulated car Wash Glove13 gauge for extra warmthProvides extra grip in wet conditionsSuitable for cold storage workIdeal for snow-clearing and Agricultural useThermal Car Wash Gloves Waterproof Grip Insulated DescriptionThermal Car Wash Glove
Choose 9 (L) or 10 (XL)

Latex coated
Thermal lining, 13 gauge for extra warmth
Watertight upto knitted wrist
High grip palm
Provides maximum grip in wet conditions
Excellent flexibility, dexterity and comfort
Seamless construction
In cold condition these gloves are ideal for:
Car washing / valeting
General handling
Wet clean-up
Cold storage
Debris handling
Snow clearing

BS EN388:2003 Mechanical Hazard Rating – EN511:2006 X.2.X

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